Our most important, zero tolerance rules.

1. Toxicity

This community is a safe place for all to enjoy. Under no circumstance will toxicity within the city, or out-of-character be tolerated. We do not enforce a minimum age requirement in our server, therefore we expect all members to be mature, and able to have conversations about what may cause frustrations within the city, or outside of the city. Frustrations are normal, it is how you respond to them that matters most.

2. Never Break Character

While in-game, do not break character under any circumstances. This includes potential rule breaking that you want to address, or out-of-character concerns. All out-of-character communication is limited to OOC chat(see wiki), and we ask that you even keep that to a minimum. Although you may feel an urgent need to address something quickly in the server, creating a ticket in our discord will always be addressed and responded to quickly.

3. Value Your Life

It is essential that all characters in the city are to value their lives greatly at all times. The key to creating immersive roleplay, that allows depth of character and storylines to develop naturally, is understanding the importance of your life. Our city has a character-kill process(defined in our wiki) that can end your life permanently. Creating "throw-away" characters that do not value their life is unacceptable, poor roleplay. Furthermore, any situation in roleplay that would reasonably cause you to fear for your life, needs to be roleplayed out as such.  

4. Take Losses

If you aren't familiar with the term, "Take an L", you need to get familiar and comfortable with it. One of the most important aspects to a good roleplayer is the ability to know when to have fun with a scene/situation in which your character gets the short end of the stick. Examples include getting arrested, getting character-killed(permanent death), and being robbed; as well as anything else that would subject your character to being down in that situation. These situations provide depth to character, and are essential to creating immersive roleplay that allows everyone to have fun. It is human nature to get frustrated when things do not go as planned, but please always keep top of mind, that situations that do not go as planned are usually doors opening for even deeper roleplay to explore and have a good time with. Remember: There is not a game that can be won. This is an open book that has no ending, you can only hope to add your favorite chapter to it. 

5. Third Party Modifications

Our server is specifically designed to be immersive, and any attempt to use external software that provides you an advantage is strictly forbidden. Examples of third party modifications include; crosshairs, auto-clickers, graphical modifications(NVE is our only approved graphics mod), cheat menus, etc. We utilize a very advanced anti-cheat software that can and will detect a majority of these attempts. Any and all anti-cheat bans will be irreversible, and ineligible for ban appeal. 


1. Character Creation

  • Character names must resemble a realistic name.

  • Character names cannot be names of celebrities or famous people.

  • Character names must not match your out of character name or alias.


Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

2. Interactions

  • Sexual, torture or extremely gross roleplay is allowed only if all parties involved (participants and witnesses) have agreed to it in an out of character chat prior to the roleplay being performed and not in a public area. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the roleplay you can void it and leave the roleplay.

  • Scenarios such as rape and unconsentual touching are prohibited.

  • Players may take pictures with their phone using the emote. They may record using a camera. The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass etc).

  • All players must follow the Twitch Terms of Service. 

  • All players must remain in character unless an administrator says otherwise. Players may not void roleplay or any scenario unless an administrator says otherwise. You must follow all administrator instructions.



Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

3. Metagaming

Metagaming is defined as using out of character information in character. Inciting someone else to metagame is against this rule.


  • John Doe reads something from out of character chat and roleplays knowing that in-character.

  • Jane Smith reads something from twitch chat and roleplays knowing that in-character.

  • Using out of game communications like Discord, Skype, etc. to communicate in character while in-game is forbidden.



Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

4. Powergaming

Powergaming is defined as performing acts that force roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance; making up things which did not happen so that you can benefit; roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise so that you can gain an unfair advantage.


  • Actively organizing people or giving orders while you’re down. You should only be roleplaying your injuries or with the Police Department/Fire Department when downed.

  • Sprinting and fighting as soon as you leave the hospital or revived by medics.

  • Attempting to force a character-kill by dropping a downed person in the ocean with bricks on their legs.

  • Cop Baiting(Doing multiple crimes on purpose to distract law enforcement without good roleplay reason)

Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

5. Deathmatching

  • Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed. 

  • Vehicle Death Matching is intentionally running someone over with a vehicle with intent to kill. There are very few roleplay situations that could result in using your vehicle to run someone over, avoid it at all costs. 


  • Jane Smith spits on your shoes so you withdraw your firearm and shoot them for it.

  • You provoke a fist fight with two people who are unarmed and then you pull your firearm out and kill them.

  • Players cannot provoke a situation or another player without valid reasons behind it.

  • You see a group of people and randomly open fire on them.



Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

6. Robbing and Scamming

  • Players are unable to force other players to withdraw money from an automated teller.

  • Players are unable to force another player to sell them their vehicle via script commands during a robbery.

  • Players are unable to force other players to hand over assets that aren’t present in the area.

  • Players may not scam vehicles or properties

  • Players may scam for a maximum amount of $15,000 and nothing greater.

  • Players may not rob items from Law Enforcement or Mount Zonah Medical Personnel.

  • Players are able to rob all of the cash you are carrying on your persona. Avoid walking around with twenty thousand dollars unless you don’t care about losing it.

  • Only tell a player to 'put their hands up' solely if you intend to rob them, not if you intend to kill them.



Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

7. Death And Character Kill

  • Character Kill is when your character is PERMANENTLY killed off.

  • Character Kills are SOLELY decided by Mount Zonah Medical Staff or the Department of Justice. (The only exception is if Staff decides to delete your character)

  • You are REQUIRED to delete your character if Mount Zonah communicates your fatality, or the Department of Justice sentenced you to a Death Penalty.

  • You MUST be responsible with your decisions if you are faced with death. Please character kill if it fits your storyline and makes sense, even when Mount Zonah is not on active duty. 

  • We do NOT have a "New Life Rule" that requires characters to forget the events leading up to their death, although we encourage medical injuries related to the death to be roleplayed out properly. 


  • You get into a car wreck, when transported to the hospital, the doctor treating you decides they were able to treat your wounds and give you a recovery plan. You are not to delete your character, keep RPing as per usual.

  • You are shot multiple times by a rival gang, the doctor on shift decides your wounds are fatal. You will have a brief confirmation in /ooc chat. You then delete your character. 

  • You gather a LARGE criminal record and are tried for the death penalty. The judge decides to sentence you to death. You MUST delete that character.

If you feel someone should've CK'd but didn't, please do not contact staff or open a ticket. Contact the player in OOC and discuss the situation. Encourage your friends to understand why it damaged your roleplay. Only contact staff if the conversation becomes toxic. 



8. Abuse of Game Physics

Grand Theft Auto Five physics and movements in-game are hardcoded and cannot be changed via scripting so the following is forbidden to avoid non-roleplay situations:

  • Bunnyhopping (I.e: jumping while running around to gain speed in a situation)

  • Spam Punching (I.e: spam clicking mouse 1 in a fight and not giving someone a chance to react).

  • Combat Rolling (I.e: rolling in a shootout, etc.)

  • Olympic Swimming (I.e: swimming without roleplay any exhaustion)

  • Abuse of jobs (I.e: spawning a job vehicle to evade police, etc).

  • Unrealistic driving (I.e: Stunt jumps, etc).

  • Clothing (I.e: using clothing for jobs like Police or Fire and you don't have the job, etc).



Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

9. Minimum Specs and Voice Chat

  • You MUST have a working, quality microphone. Excessive background noise is unacceptable.

  • You MUST have push to talk while in the city. We should not hear anything transmitting while you are in the city unless you are speaking.

  • External Discords relating to iRP is strictly prohibited. All communications regarding iRP remain within the Official iRoleplay Discord, only.

Minimum Hardware Specs:

  • 8GB RAM(16GB Preferred)

  • 100GB SSD/HDD Free Space

  • NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB / Intel HD GT2

Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.

10. Prison Escape

  • You may ONLY escape the prison with the given pathway to escape that the script provides.

  • You may NOT escape via helicopter or any other exploitation that'd allow you an easy escape, as that is not a realistic escape plan, and it exploits the lack of security GTA V inherently encompasses at the prison.

  • If you are sentenced to the 9's(serving 999999 to be forced to see a judge) you are on maximum security, and may NOT escape.

Consequences: Depending on the severity, anything from a verbal warning to a ban.