What do we do?

iRoleplay is a GTA5, FiveM roleplay community that is dedicated to building and maintaining one of the best roleplay communities available to be apart of. 

What is roleplay? 

Roleplay is a type of gaming that allows your to fully immerse yourself into the world around you, enabled by an interactive environment made possible by modding. Traditional gameplay has specific limitations that make it difficult, if not impossible to be fully involved. With proper development, and a community built, you can do just about anything you wish to do, such as be a Police Officer, Lawyer, or Gang member.

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What is serious roleplay?

Serious Roleplay is a type of gameplay that enhances the creativity of roleplay, and creates boundaries that the community follows to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to see their character's development. It does not mean everyone is serious and can't have fun, it actually means quite the opposite; it allows you to roleplay whatever scene you wish, without worrying about another player ruining it due to lack of care. We set certain rules in place to ensure everyone has fun! See them here!


How can I get involved?

You can get involved by applying for our whitelist! Whitelisted means you're approved to be a member of the city, and we require that to make sure the folks who join us are creative and truly interested in roleplaying! You can join our                 to find the application process! As always, reach out to Staff at any time for assistance! We look forward to playing with you!